The legendary story of the French Secret Tea

Restaurateur of the Côte d’Azur discovered the recipe many years ago. when Provence and Saint Tropez become a lively place for cult movies featuring the biggest stars of French cinema as Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon. He noticed that after several weeks of regular meals in the restaurant his famous clients and members of their team began to gain weight. The rise in weight proved a serious problem for all, while active job leaves them no time for exercise. Therefore the owner of the offshore facility sought help in recipes from his grandmother’s notebooks, where previously discovered ingredients for Provencal slimming tea. All herbs for it grew on nearby meadows and tea was a nice taste and great aroma.

detoxing tea

Filmmakers liked the drink because it was delicious and suppresses appetite. After a few weeks complexion of their skin cleared, weight reduction and energy and tone they were outstanding. Restaurateur even started to produce the mixture of tea for sale, keeping manual processing and high quality herbs. The only concession to the modern world was that tea experts put this unique herbal formula in individual tea bags for the convenience of customers.

detoxing tea

Later specialists created and detoxifying tea and tea Night cleansing as preserved the tradition of using the highest quality herbs and manual handling of each package. Today, the drink can be purchased in many European countries, falls in leaves of the finest teas of this kind made entirely with ingredients and in the European Union.

detoxing tea

Buy French secret Detoxing Tea for 14,28 EUR and French Secret Night cleansing tea for 11.30 EUR .

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