The trick of the french woman or how to eat everything but to stay slim?

French women fascinate generations of screen music scene and catwalks with unique shapes and beauty. Unlike many other famous women in the world, however, the ladies of France never hidden their pleasure of delicious food and beverages, including bread, chocolate and most greasy French cheeses.

What is the secret of slender figure and normal, healthy appetite?

Not many privileged ladies who know the answer to this question, because it contains not only the French way of life, but also in regular drinking special herbal tea that kills the appetite, but stimulating a powerful metabolism without causing any unpleasant side effects .


Three to five cups of the drink (unsweetened required to maintain the qualities of herbs) help downloading between 2 and 5 kg a month, without additional diet or special diet.

French Secret tea dates back at least 50 years old family recipe. is brought back to life by an adult restaurateur who took care of feeding the enormous team of the film with Brigitte Bardot “God created woman.” Excellent French cuisine with lots of sugar and butter, and regular drinking wonderful Provencal rosé created problems with waist circumference of famous actors from film masterpiece and chef prisetil for granny light.

Even today, the recipe is a family secret. But the fragrant lavender notes so typical of Provence that conceal the taste of fresh herbs  make this drink as an effective tool for good figure that became known as “iconic tea” of France.

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