Is your diet effective?

Weight loss is 70 per cent diet and 30 per cent workout. So, if you have made up your mind about the diet you will follow, ask yourself this. The below questions will help you know if your diet plan will actually work. In other case it might just leave you starving, vexed and dissatisfied.

How many kilos do you want lose?

Be realistic. You do not want to over-stress your body giving it an unhealthy goal. Be pragmatic even if you think you’d be able to do more. 

How much calorie intake you need?

To lose weight you schould burn more calories than you consume. But the amount of calorie intake depends from person to person. Talk with an expert, he may recommend you a healthy calorie plan.

Do you often feel hungry?

You should always listen to your body. If you are putting too many restrictions on your body by keeping it hungry, it’ll make you repay later by making you overeat. So let your body make a healthy relationship with food, in order to catalyse your weight loss process. You can control your appetite with Appetite Killer. The natural supplement is made in the EU and contains cinnamon, chromium picolinate and red grape seed. Appetite Killer effectively helps with weight loss, blood sugar and cholesterol control. Learn more here.

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Are you eating properly?

It doesn’t matter, that you are on a diet. You should eat balances, which means to include proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Your body needs all the mentioned nutrients for staying fit and energized.

Are you avoiding restaurants because of your diet?

A diet should not mess with your lifestyle. If you are being too much restrictive, it won’t last long. You will feel stressed and irritated. Thus, if you go to a restaurant, look for nutrient-rich products like steamed vegetables or recipes rich in proteins. 

How do you feel?

If your diet makes you feel lethargic, dissatisfied or hungry, then you are not on the right track. How your diet makes you feel is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself. It gives you an idea about how your body is adapting to the change. 

Are you exercising?

For even better result exercising is recommended. But don’t forget that you are eating less calories, so you shouldn’t pressure your body too much. Talk with an expert what, how long and how intensively you should work out!

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