Simple Tricks To Stop Belly Bloating

Your stomach is swollen and you feel like you’ve gaind 10 lbs after just one lunch? You are not alone! Bloating is a common occurrence for most people, but you can beat it with this  6 easy and simple tricks.

1. Cut the sweets and “Sugar Free” Products

Start eating healthy ti reduce bloating and cut back on candies, drinks and other foods that contain artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol and aspartame. Artificial sweeteners cause bloating because these additives can’t be digested.

Fructose is another threat for your stomach. It is a natural sugar added to many processed foods, which is also difficult for many people to digest. Many sugar free gums and other foods contain artificial sweeteners to make up for the “sugar free.”  Be aware, that just because it says, sugar free, doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy for you.

stop belly bloating
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Stick to drinking more tea and water instead of sugar-free sodas too! French Secret Tea is also recommenden, because ot its herbal content. The teas help weightloss and solve  problems such as water retention in the body and swelling of the stomach, and bloating in the whole body. Learn mofe here!

2. Don’t Eat in a Hurry

When you chew your food quickly, you tend to swallow a a lot of ‘gas producing air’ at the same time.  Also, you do not chew food as much as you should. As result  large pieces of food sit uncomfortably in your gut.

When we chew our foods slowly, we are increasing the amount of saliva and enzymes that are mixed into the food to begin digesting it. Digestion starts in the mouth. If you have been eating your food too fast with very little chewing, there is a possibility that there could be some inflammation somewhere in your gastrointestinal tract because of it.

Try slowing down while eating and chewing. This will help produce more saliva to aid the healing of your GI tract.

stop belly bloating

3. Reduce Raw Vegetables to stop belly bloating

According to The University of Chicago, many vegetables contain raffinose or starch, which can also cause excess gas, and bloating. They are also hard to digest because of cellulose content.  In order to break cellulose down, humans require the enzyme called cellulase which is produced by intestinal bacteria. These enzymes break down cellulose fiber into blood sugar.

Steaming or cooking your vegetables can help with your bloating too!

4. Don’t stress

Stress hormones can affect your digestive system. They speed everything up in your body and can cause diarrhea and bloating, according to some nutrition experts.

Anxiety and stress also shuts down a part of your brain that handles digesting the foods you eat. Stress itself puts a great deal of pressure on your stomach and your abdomen, which can upset your hormones and result in neurotransmitter imbalance. All of this may create an environment where foods that could normally be digested easily end up being digested poorly, leading to the creation of gas and bloating.

stop belly bloating

5. Exercise

 Regular practice of specific physical exercises may be helpful in relieving bloating. Lack of physical activity can result in constipation and cause you to experience abdominal bloating.

6. Test your tolerance to lactose or fructose

Chronic bloating and gas can be caused by an intolerance to lactose or fructose absorption. This is a sensitivity to the sugars found in milk, or to fructose, a sugar found in fruit juice, table sugar, and high fructose corn syrup.

It’s important to get tested if you have reoccurring symptoms of bloating. Getting tested for reoccurring symptoms will give you a better understanding of what is going on in that tummy of yours.

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