(English) French Secret Tea anti-age

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(English) French Secret Tea anti-age

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(English) French secret tea ANTI-AGE protects the skin from visible signs of aging.

Reduces the appearance of lines of wrinkles and lines.

Maintains the tone and density of the skin.

Complete rejuvenating action on the body.

Purifies and tonifies the body, effects on the blood vessels, liver, kidneys and stomach.

Powerful antioxidant action.


French secret tea ANTI-AGE contains premium quality herbs combined with a special formula. Tea has a complete rejuvenating and cleansing effect on the body.

Accepted regularly, it reduces the visible signs of aging, smooths the skin, hydrates and refreshes in depth. Extremely powerful antioxidant action. Clarifies skin tone, promotes memory and increases immunity of the body.

It does not contain caffeine, allergens and artificial additives.



French secret tea ANTI-AGE contents precious rare herbs. It is hand made prepared according to a special formula both to combat sighs of aging and to prevent the appearance of fine line, wrinkles and puffiness. Powerful regenerating action over the whole body. Visible smoothes wrinkles.

Carefully manufactured in EU.


Take one cup every day. One teaspoon of tea brewed with 200-250 ml. boiling water and steep for 5-7 minutes.


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