Get rid of the fats by turning your hormones in weight loss mode

Our body functions normal thanks to hormones. The main male hormone is testosterone and estrogen is the female hormone. They are very important in controlling the body functions but there are a couple of other hormones.

If you want to be healthy and slimm you need to understand and control the leptin, insulin and cortisol. They are the weight loss, stress and hunger hormones.

When we talk about diabetes, we often meet the word insulin. It determines whether blood sugar will be stored as fat or used for immediate energy. When you eat and what you eat determine the insulin levels. Insulin can not be absorbed if you consume a lot of carbs. So you should make changes in your lifestyle if you want to have the normal level of insulin.

“At first I couldn’t believe it, but the mirror and scales do not lie! I lost 25 lbs for three months and a half with the help of Appetite Killer. My appetite has decreased and I started to lose weight as a result of a decrease caloric intake. Both my metabolism increased, I had energy and felt great. I was motivated and began to visit the gym. Going forward, I’ve got more pounds to lose”, Wendy Birgam, 32, England.  See more before/now results here!

Start with your eating habits! Eat small portions of lean meats, high fiber grains and vegetables every 2-3 hours. Cut out processed foods, white sugar, white flour, white pasta. To control your appetite and prevent cravings try Appetite Killer. It is a food supplement, 100% natural, made in EU. Appetite Killer contains cinnamon, chlorine and red grape seeds. The product helps weight reductions, blood sugar and holesterol control. Learn more here.

Stress hormone or cortisol regulates water and salt balance. It actually affects blood sugar. This hormone tells the organism to store the fat around the crucial organs when you’re under a stress. During this process, harmful fatty acids into your blood are released which is increasing the levels of insulin and cholesterol.

You can easiky keep normal levels of cortisol by walking during lunch. Enough sleep and less caffein is also required.

Leptin is the hunger hormone. It is related with body fat and obesity. You should completely eliminate processed and sugary things if you want to keep the normal levels of leptin. Appetite Killer will help you to cut out sweets easily.


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